Friday, February 26, 2010

United Mayflower Container Services

United and Mayflower Container Services, LLC. (UMCS) is a leader in the portable storage industry, providing local and long-distance moving and storage services in over 50 of the largest markets in the USA with plans to expand to additional markets.

Delivered by a nationwide network of over 100 moving and storage professionals with extensive experience in the industry.

A leader in the transportation industry and parent company to Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines.

Why us?
It's not just a container. It's the whole package.Whether you're moving into a new home or just need some storage space, now there's a better place to put the things you care about.

UMCS has the only portable storage and moving container that's designed around what your items mean to you and your family.

We put a priority on quality! There are plenty of portable storage containers, but few can match the quality you'll find with us. Don't trust your belongings to storage and moving containers composed of rough exposed wooden walls, choose smooth walls, unique tie-down rings, waterproof design and heavy-duty security latch to protect your most valued possessions.
It's your move... They are your posessions.

Nobody knows how to care for your things better than you. That's why we put you in charge right from the start. Just tell us when to bring the container to your home, and then you take over from there. Load the moving container on your own time, let us know when you're finished, and we'll deliver a container to your new home or even store it at one of our facilities.

If you just need a temporary storage or moving solution? We'll deliver a container for you to keep at your residence and then pick it up when you no longer need it. If you ever need access to your container while it's at the warehouse, schedule a time to retrieve what you need, or we can bring the container back and then pick it up when you're done.

Built-in convenience. Even do-it-yourselfers can use a little help sometimes. So we have included plenty of handy features to make moving and storage as safe and easy. Our storage containers have large, easy-to-open doors that allow you to load your items at ground level. This feature provides you unobstructed access while reducing the risk of property damage and injury. To simplify your next project, order boxes, tie-down rope and padlocks online!

More support! To help make ensure your moving and storage experience with us is stress-free, we have a team of friendly experts available seven days a week to help with any questions you may have about portable storage and moving containers.

Put one in your driveway. If you're moving or seeking extra storage space, don't just get a container. Get the safe, secure, simple storage solution - get a United Mayflower container.

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