Wednesday, March 9, 2011

United Van Lines and Mayflower Moving - Undercover Boss

To: United and Mayflower Agents
From: Rich McClure
Re: Undercover Boss and Anti-Fraud Public Relations Campaigns

At the Closing General Session of the Learning Conference, I announced two major public relations campaigns planned for United and Mayflower prior to peak season. On March 13, at 9:00 p.m. EDT/8:00 p.m. CDT, United will be featured in an episode of the reality show Undercover Boss on CBS, and beginning in April, we are launching a national media campaign to educate the public about how to avoid moving fraud, with Mayflower as the face of trusted, reputable movers. I believe that both of these opportunities will help improve our already strong brand recognition and drive business opportunities to the agency family during the summer season and beyond.

In December, I visited United agencies and performed a variety of jobs undercover. Until the show airs, I can’t say exactly what happened during my time undercover, but I can tell you it was an enlightening experience for me to work side-by-side with our dedicated, frontline teams. I’m thrilled to share with the country what I already knew about you, our agents. You are the moving experts, who continually go the extra mile for their customers.

My primary reasons for going undercover were to learn more about the company and the dedicated men and women who work on the front lines, and I will be implementing some new programs internally as a result of what I learned. We have also hired a public relations team to help us maximize the unique opportunity that Undercover Boss presents and create goodwill with the general public. We will be doing media tours, social media campaigns and customer outreach.

For Mayflower, we are hiring a spokesperson to educate consumers about the dangers of moving fraud. With the help of an outside public relations firm and a spokesperson, we will give consumers the information they need to choose a reputable mover. We will be seeking opportunities to showcase Mayflower in national and local markets. Mayflower will be the sponsor of this campaign, which will give us an opportunity to show that Mayflower is the careful mover that consumers know and can trust. Again, we will leverage the goodwill created by this campaign to create new leads and opportunities, for you, our agents.

I hope all of you will agree that participating in Undercover Boss and conducting an extensive public relations campaign featuring Mayflower as the authority on safe and reliable moving are both exciting opportunities for UniGroup and our agency family. I look forward to using the knowledge I gained during my time undercover to better serve our agent customers as well as the moving public.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me or Steve Burkhardt (636-349-8540 or, Carl Walter (636-349-8508 or or Melissa Sullivan (636-346-2508 or in our Marketing department.

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