Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Historic Denver Move: By The Numbers - Thank you Buehler Moving crews!

Approximately 30 contract workers and 50 volunteers assisted History Colorado staff in packing and transporting millions of artifacts, photographs, and printed materials to temporary storage, including:

* 195 truckloads containing 1,580 pallets, 279 crates, and 126 oversize boxes holding framed painting and other large items;

* 5 very large objects such as a sod house and Fritchle automobile, moved by special conveyances;

* Approximately 4 tons of books and more than 1.5 miles of manuscript collections.

Buehler Moving & Storage assisted Trammell Crow Company in coordinating and accomplishing the collections and History Colorado office moves. Buehler provided:

* 4 to 30 movers per day, with an average of 8 to 12 movers for more than 70 days - equal to 626 supervisor hours, 3,677 mover hours, and 947 truck hours;

* Flatbeds, cranes, rigging, crating, packing, dismantling, demolition, reinstalling, re-shelving, and other equipment and services;

* 630 tapeless cartons, 8 cases of shrink-wrap, 150 computer bags, 16 dish packs, 60 library carts, 56 machine carts, 10,000 sticker labels, 130 custom-built pallets, 47 "speed packs", 100 miscellaneous boxes, and 880 plastic moving totes.

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