Monday, July 28, 2014

Moving Damage - What Moving Companies Legally Have To Offer You Before You Move

Is your Moving Company confusing you on how they handle damages to your move? Today, we would like to talk about how important that it is to understand your valuation coverage options and what they really mean to you, the consumer.
None of us like to talk about damage, but let’s get real. It happens. Not every move is perfect and there are some things that can possibly get broken in ANY move and with ANY Moving Company.

Although every consumer wants perfection (of course) - understanding your options up front will actually help you to make the right decision on damages before your move even begins.
What is valuation anyway?

Good question. Let’s think about how you pay for car insurance. You choose a plan, it may or may not have a deductible and you pay monthly for that plan in case of an accident. If there is an accident, you pay your deductible, file a claim, get a repair person to look at your vehicle (or your insurance company assigns one), submit the estimate to the insurance company and they send you a check or have your car repaired, etc…
Well, valuation is similar to car insurance, only its called valuation.

The reason Moving Companies use this term is simply because we are not providing you with insurance. We are not charging you monthly to insure your items.
Valuation is the process of estimating what something is worth in value. Because the Moving Companies did not purchase your items and do not know the value of your items, we have to allow the consumer (you) to tell us how much that you think that your items are worth. This is what we call “Declared Value”

Now that we understand what valuation means, what is your Moving Company legally entitled to offer you?
Well, legally Moving Companies are required to offer you a minimum of $.60 cents per pound per article or the actual value of the article (whichever is less) at no cost to you. This is the basic coverage (Legal Liability) and it’s not much.
Basically, if you have a desk that weighs 200 pounds that gets damaged in the move, then your Moving Company will issue you a check for $120.00 or have the item repaired (whichever is less)
They have too. It's the law.
However, your Moving Company also (LEGALLY) has to offer you another option. If your moving company is not talking to you about your valuation options, then they may not be a legitimate company to be working with.
What are your other options?

Your Moving Company should also offer you full valuation. This option allows you to declare the total value of all your items prior to your move. Full value means the total replacement value of your goods. You cannot elect this option after your move is completed (Only before) and there is a cost associated with this option (just like paying for insurance)
Full valuation means that the Moving Company will have the option of repairing any damaged items or replacing  the items at an equal value to the actual retail value of the item (whichever is less) and they have the option to salvage the broken or damaged item in replacement of the new item.

The cost for full valuation depends on the amount that you declare on the total value of your goods. Always check with your Moving Company for pricing on full valuation before your move. Don’t forget to ask about the deductible options!
Protect yourself and your belongings before you choose your moving company. We hope this helps to clarify what your moving company is legally responsible to offer you before you move.

If you have further questions, contact us and we will be glad to answer them!

Have a protected move!

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