Monday, February 4, 2019

It's Cookie Time - Buehler Moving Delivers 25 Million Dollars Worth of Girl Scout Cookies 2019

Buehler Moving Companies delivered 25 million dollars worth of Girl Scout Cookies yesterday for the Colorado Girl Scouts. At one location, there were up to 45 volunteers shuffling around the cookies.

Stuart Smith, the owner of Buehler Moving Companies, talks about how Buehler has handled the cookie distribution for over 20 years!

In this video, you can see the sheer volume of cookies that are delivered on this very important day for the Girl Scouts of Colorado.

"We deliver 67 truckloads of cookies that will go anywhere from Colorado Springs all the way up to Loveland" said Stuart Smith.

One of the crew members Alex Williams said 'We're having a good time doing it!"

Stuart Smith was a long time Boy Scout when he was younger and he knows first hand how well the Scouts serve the kids and he goes onto to say that "Buehler Moving loves helping out and being apart of the community!"