Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving The Museum

Buehler Companies has been hard at work with the relocation of the Colorado Historical Society in Denver Colorado. The building has approximately 200 offices internally and roughly 18,000 square feet of artifacts and collections.

Founded in 1879, History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society brings the unique character of Colorado's past to more than a million people each year through historical museums and highway markers, exhibitions, manuscript and photograph collections, popular and scholarly publications, historical and archaeological preservation services, and educational programs for children and adults.

Museums and Historic Sites
History Colorado operates twelve historic sites and museums in 10 locations around the state, including the Colorado History Museum in Denver.

One of the most recent accomplishments is the movement of a 2700 pound buffalo made of solid bronze and has a value of $155,000.00. This is one small part of one of the highest valued relocations in Denver, Colorado.

The amazing sculpture was crafted by T.D. Kelsey, a world renowned artist whose work is found in private and public collections worldwide. This incredible piece of work labeled “On the Wind” is one of the Colorado Historical Societies most priced pieces and they needed the right moving company with the right experience to handle the job!

Buehler Companies is proud of the coordination effort for making the relocation of this massive piece, seem effortless. This enormous structure stands 8’x12’x9’ and would not fit into any standard truck. The Colorado Historical Society collections and artifacts are currently being stored in a warehouse for the next 18 months until the museum moves into its new location currently being built.

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