Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quality Moving Labor Certificateion Criteria

Certification at production level is the heart of the Quality Labor Program. These are the people who will formulate our customer’s opinions of Mayflower Transit and influence their decision to use Mayflower again. Certification at the production level will be the completion of a challenging, realistic program that will put participants at a minimum qualification level where they can be identified as professionals.

Certification at the production level is as follow:
Completion of all modules in either the Packer or Mover Certification
Approximately 30 hours of classroom training
200 hours of field supervision
Check off in all skill areas in both the classroom and in the field
Pass Orientation Review
Pass Final Certification Review
Ability to meet minimum literacy requirement:
It is impossible to read warning labels, label cartons or fill out an inventory if a person is illiterate.
Illiteracy doesn’t mean a person can’t work, they just can’t be certified.

Classroom training to be completed within a six week time period.
Field training to be completed no sooner than 60 days, but no longer than 6 months, after classroom training.

Full time personnel – 100% - Only full time trained personnel will be deployed on the regular move crews.

Part time personnel – There will be no certified part time personnel required for this relocation.

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