Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Live Strong! Buehler Moving Supports Cancer Research

Being in business since 1912, Buehler Companies has experienced some extremely close knit relationships with our clients. Throughout the years, we have seen many customers come and many customers go to the horrible tragedy of Cancer.

One in three people will contract Cancer, and one in four people will die from the disease. In the recent months, two of our valuable clients and friends have been diagnosed with different forms of Cancer.

Our friends are not the only people in the world that are struggling with the fight of Cancer. There are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and grandparents and even the families that suffer alongside them. They are people that we love and care about and people that we support in the fight. Cancer affects everyone.

Buehler Companies, in lieu of our own personal tragedies as well as our past, present and future client’s battles, has made a special donation to raise our hands in support of living strong. In our part to support the cause, we have purchased all employees the official LIVESTRONG bracelet.

The proceeds benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation that supports over 28 million people to improve the lives of people that are affected by Cancer.

Live strong. Beat Cancer!

On Friday September 3rd during the employee barbecue, we will all have our photo taken in front of a Buehler Companies truck with our hands held up to proudly display our bracelets. This photo along with the story will be submitted to On the Move and displayed on the Buehler Companies Blog, Twitter and Facebook.

The photo will be taken before lunch is served since we don’t want stained shirts after we pig out. Please plan to attend at 11:30 am for the photo.

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