Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before Move Day, This will Help! Things To Do Before You Move


  • Create a “move information” file to keep important papers and receipts organized.
  • Review IRS pub. 521 to learn more about deductible expenses...
  • Contact your insurance agent to transfer policies for auto, home, etc.
  • Arrange for medical, dental, eye, and prescriptions records to be forwarded.
  • Decide what valuables to take with you: certificates, jewelry, photo albums, software, etc.
  • Make travel arrangements as needed. Be flexible when possible!
  • Arrange to forward your mail (go to USPS site)
  • Plan where furniture might go in new residence.
  • Contact your local Mayflower agent for an in-home, no cost survey.

  • Weight costs money. Start sorting closets, basements, garages.
  • Plan meals that use up frozen and pantry food. Spices ship well.
  • Decide whether to have a garage sale or give things to charity.
  • Let children get involved with some sorting, easy packing, and planning their new room.
  • Let us help you with the difficult packing, even if you are doing some of your own.
  • Keep us informed of any major changes in your survey list.

  • For young children, arrange for a baby sitter to take them to another household.
  • Make arrangements to move your extra cars, if they go.
  • Return library books, videos and any other borrowed items.
  • Arrange to give away live plants, they cannot be stored or shipped.
  • Sort and set aside non-allowable items such as paint, aerosols, bleach, BBQ tanks, ammo, etc.
  • Decide on payment arrangements with your mover. Mayflower accepts four major cards.
  • Have your car(s) serviced for the trip if driving.
  • Spend time with friends before leaving. Have a little fun before saying goodbye.
  • Upholstered furniture should not be cleaned before moving or storing; moisture from cleaning can be trapped under stretch wrap or plastic covers.
  • Start marking the items that do not go; we have stickers for this purpose.
  • Arrange for termination date for utilities.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: separate and luggage pack ‘survival’ belongings that go with you on the trip: money, Credit Cards, passports, checkbooks, good jewelry, etc.
  • Be sure to give your Mayflower agent all of the phone numbers and emails you can; the more the better. You will also be given your driver’s cell number.
  • All Mayflower drivers are required to have a smart phone. Most also have in-cab world-wide GPS service.
  • Be at home to meet the packers and the driver. Show the crew your entire home, pointing out any items not going.
  • Be there during packing and loading to answer questions.
  • It is your responsibility to see that all of your goods are loaded and that nothing is left behind.
  • Be there when drive arrives.
  • Be sure to check off all inventory numbers and condition as goods are brought in.
  • Know where to have each heavy item placed in new home as it comes off the truck.
  • Your mover is not obligated to rearrange your furniture.
  • Your driver will remove any empty cartons you unpack before he leaves your home.

  • Follow up with your agent; let them know how your move went
  • When a claim needs to be settled, contact your agent.Enjoy your new home.

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