Thursday, April 25, 2013

Project Management Advice - The questions that you should ask.

What good is project management if you have to do all of the work yourself? If you are going to hire a professional service provider to do the project management for your move, here are some key words of advice to follow:

  • Get a general scope of the services they provide.
  • Have them break down exactly what their responsibilities are and what yours are.
  • Will they handle dealing with the property managers at both locations? Reserve elevators, etc…
  • Will they help you with space planning so that you can utilize your space in the most effective way?
  • Do they understand your company enough to minimize down time to your business that affects your bottom line?
  • Do they understand how crew placement works to increase productivity on your move and save you money?
  • Are they offering to assist you with floor plans, labeling and marking items according to where they need to go in the new location?
  • Do they provide move meetings for planning in order to ensure that all employees involved in the move are on track?
  • Do they offer pre-move and post-move walkthroughs of the buildings with the landlords?
  • Do they have online project management websites that offer your employees hands on, current information and documents that are relevant to your move?
  • Do they provide welcome packets at the new location?

These are some good questions to ask when you are considering hiring a project management team. Make sure that you are getting the bang for your buck. Feel free to open up a discussion about it.


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