Thursday, October 31, 2013

The most important team members are the ones that keep our trucks running! Today we honor our mechanics! Thanks for keep our trucks in good order!

Today at Buehler Companies, we would like to take a moment to praise some very important people on our team. Our mechanics! Sure, we talk about moving, boxes, storage and all of these things, but who keeps all of our equipment running? These guys!

Buehler Companies is proud to employ in house mechanics to maintain all of our equipment and machinery. Gary (to the left) and Bobby (to the right) bring Buehler a combined 41 years of experience. They are two specialists and we are proud to have them on our team!

Highly skilled in performing basic electrical repairs
Hands-on experience to carry out basic plumbing repairs
Strong sheet-rock repair and painting skills
Able to communicate with all levels of the organization
Excellent diagnostic abilities
Profound knowledge of systems and tools needed to perform a procedure
Sound understanding of safety precautions
Demonstrated ability to determine causes of errors and good resolution judgment
Profound ability to determine what type of tools will be used in which situation
Able to communicate technical information effectively
Sound knowledge of reading blueprints and other manuals
Proven ability to detect problems and perform troubleshooting procedures
Ability to handle precision machines and material handling equipment
Excellent ability to perform all of the above, keeping in mind company standards and procedure
Repairs all of our trucks and equipment in house.

Thanks for all of your hard work! You guys make our company and our trucks look good!

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