Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walking our way to success! The 10K A Day For The United Way - Go Mile High! Buehler Companies Walks For Success!

Buehler Companies – The Healthy Movers! Go Mile High!

We are proud to announce that Buehler Companies (Agent for Mayflower and United Van Lines) is participating in the 10K a Day for the United Way! This is the sixth annual Unigroup Virtual 5K. All agents are competing for the top slot all across America! We are hoping to win as we walk our way to success! This competition is not only for a good cause, but also because getting healthy is a top priority!

The participating agents get a tax-deductible credit contribution split 50/50 between their local United Way agencies and the United Way of the Saint Louis. Here is what we are doing to donate to our local United Way!

We have stepped up to the plate and made teams! Our team captain is tracking our steps by reading the pedometers of all the participating team members and entering the steps weekly! As the teams count their steps each day, Jeni Swarts stays on top of the crews to make sure that they are walking as much as possible!
Team Captain - Jeni Swarts

Without our team captain, Buehler Companies wouldn’t be such a success! Right now, we are in 2nd place! We appreciate Jeni for keeping us on track, making sure our pedometers are operating efficiently and checking in with everyone on a daily basis to ensure that we are not only the top agent, but that Buehler Companies drives to succeed in everything that we do!

Wish us luck as we keep walking – We will strive to make the donation to THE MILE HIGH UNITED WAY!

Keep Calm and Go Buehler!

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