Monday, August 31, 2009

Cross Training, Does it really need to cost you more?

We all know that in any industry cross training is a key implement to establishing a safety net within your company, but does it really have to affect your pocketbook? I am not so sure that it does. Many employees would argue that they need additional time and energy for the training course(s) and this can be true in some cases, but how much is too much? Can cross training be done within business hours instead of racking up the overtime?

I think most corporations could argue that they have been left high and dry when it came to a lack of cross training. However... most would probably admit that they got through the crash course of training a lot quicker by having no choice but to "figure it out" themselves. Usually when this occurs, you or one of your employees are forced to learn and within a short amount of time that perhaps saved your company a day or two of overtime in training.

Is this really beneficial? Well I think it depends. If you jump into something and you do the best job that you possibly can and the company loses money due to a lack of understanding of how something is supposed to be done, well depending on the job... the mistake could be cheaper than an extra day of overtime. However this could also backfire and cost more than the overtime. Nevertheless, that employee would still be one step closer to doing that job in a time of need.

I think that beats everyone shrugging their shoulders and allowing things to sit on someones desk until they return. When you have employees that step up to the plate to get things done, it shows value and customer service. Paying a price to accomplish any task that must be done in the name of customer service is quite plainly the better way to go.

With that being said, do your best, try your best and hopefully in the end it will save your company a great deal and offer you more knowledge.

This is Joy - Pondering again

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