Friday, August 28, 2009

Does how you dress determine how good you are at your job?

You know it's amazing to me how much the corporate world has changed in the recent years. There was a time that suits and ties were what made you "a professional" in recent times this has changed for a lot of companies. Do you think the world is opening up to a more relaxed society? I think it is becoming more relaxed because people are actually coming to a point where they realize that it's okay to be who we are.

Since when did wearing a tie actually mean that you could do a better job than that of someone who choose to wear a polo shirt? Does your dress actually shape who you are? Does it shape how well you do business? Does it actually make you the best choice for the customer? If you walk into a building in a suit and tie, will you be treated differently than you would in casual dress? Would people sell more either way? How does the way you dress affect your business?

I honestly feel that people who are in "professional gear" for lack of a better word, feel more intimidating and a little too stiff. If I am looking for someone to do business with, do I want the guy who walks into my office with a stern personality, a face like stone, in a suit and tie and goes straight to talking about becoming my customer? I am the client here... This is my money we are talking about. I am not going to spend money on a company who doesn't understand my needs as a human for one and secondly my needs as a customer.

Now I am not talking about someone who walks into my office and hugs me either... as if we are old chums or something, but is there a happy medium? And if so... what draws that fine line between client and business partner?

I can tell you that if a human person walks into my office and first approaches me and asks me what my needs are instead of trying to shove a contract down my throat, he is going to get a lot further. Why is this? I personally think that your approach and attire affect your business, but was the professional world that we lived in for the "suit and tie" all wrong? Intimidation could actually work if a client were under pressure, but in this economy the people are learning that these corporate stern "suit and tie" people are not the boss of us.

It's interesting that now that we have the business that people so desperately want, in a broken down world... we are actually controlling not only the bang we get for our buck, but also the people we do business with. The corporate world is changing and I think it's for the better. People are finally becoming people and accepting people for who they are as humans. We no longer have to wear a mask or a suit and tie to impress clients because quite frankly they are going to choose whoever gives them confidence that the job will be handled in the appropriate way and not only that, but the way we want it handled. You may be the "professional" buddy, but your going to do this my way because I am the customer and your suit and tie isn't going to ensure that you're going to get my business.

So I guess you can say that now we are in a world where showing ourselves for who we really are can actually amount to something. So does a suit and tie really matter? Or is it how well you actually connect with your customers? Do you want real people with real knowledge leading your industry in a world where budgets are tight and people are looking to improve economy by helping the little man? I know that as a business partner and a customer... I want that.

This is a new world where if you dress uncomfortable the way you do business may feel fake or perhaps you feel uncomfortable to your client? Maybe the old school generation will appreciate you efforts to maintain a fine crease in your slacks, but I will take a normal person with a tan and a polo shirt any day.

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