Monday, September 28, 2009


It’s hard enough knowing that business is down in any industry. It’s a tough economy for all companies. People are already in fear of loosing their jobs all over the United States. Moral is extremely important in these times where not only are companies struggling, but the people who run them as well.

When someone steps up to the plate and works with all their might to bring in extra business or goes the extra mile even when times are down, remember that even though it won’t change the entire economy or situation of the company, it is still “good enough”.

Telling people that it is not good enough all the time makes them start to give up. Keep your moral high and people will keep trying to bring in all they can to help.

We are all good enough!

Keep up the good work. ~ Joy

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  1. Can 'good enough' make it in tough economic times? Mustn't those of us in the small business community strive for perfection in order to just survive?

  2. Yes that was my point exactly. People who strive to do as much as possible may not change the situation of the company, but at least they are doing all they can to make it better. Telling them that they are 'not good enough' isn't going to make them work harder, but rather make them feel as if all their hard work is not appreciated so why bother when it's never going to be good enough anyway?

  3. Imagine if you had a great month, you busted your tail, you woke up early every morning and kicked major butt and booked tons of jobs and you did everything in your power to bring in more business. Your family is proud of you, they know you have been working hard because they can see it. Everyday you have given 110% of yourself to your job and this is your best month in the last year. Your numbers look great and you feel so confident about what you have acomplished and you are so excited to see the look on your bosses face when he gets the numbers. And all he has to say is "Well that's great, but it's not good enough" how does that truely affect company moral? You can beat your record every month and always be climbing the ladder in your small business, but if your boss still does not think you are doing good enough then you always feel as if you are failing. You are doing a great job! Awesome numbers this month! Wow you really worked hard! These are the things people need to hear. These are the comment people strive for and want to earn. These are the things that make us feel as if we are doing a good enough job and these are the words that are going to keep us working harder.