Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"We don't do that"

Thinking up new ways of doing business is the key to success! Thinking outside of the business box is going to get you a lot further in any industry.

For example, I called a company in another state asking for recycling of computers and they said “we don’t do that” and it got me thinking… Why not? I got onto Google (my best friend) and found a place in their area that recycles computers and told them to take them there. It was simple and I saved our company money because they didn’t hire the company themselves and add a bit of commission on top. If only they had said “Hey we can do that for you!” they could have boosted up the job a little more and made a little profit.

A key element to making money is saying “”Yes we can help you!” despite if it is something that is outside of the box of moving.

I will be glad to help you! I can take care of anything you need! Make it happen because if you don’t know how to do something, Google will tell you.

A little insight in the life of business.

Take care,
~ Joy

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