Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Whole Company is Customer Service.

If you are a billing clerk or you are a receptionist.... whatever it is that you do, if you have any contact with a customer then you are now customer service. Not only are you now customer service, but you are now sales. Why is it important to the company that you know this?

Well it may not be in your job description to actually do customer service, but it is an obligation to your job. If you do not provide key customer service even when someone accidentally transfers a customer to your phone, then you are simply not earning the money you are being paid.

Why this topic? Because it matters, that's why. If a customer is transferred 3 times before someone can help them, then it's not a small problem... it suddenly become a company wide problem. Customers are our industry and they come first and without our customers we are nothing.

We are all customer service.

If someone calls and they need help, get them to the right place even if you have to run around the office asking people questions in order to figure out what the right place is. We value our customers and when we show them that we value them, they feel as important as they are.

And that matters! Keep Keeping Em Happy!

~ Joy - Over & Out

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  1. OMG seriously? They are paying you to blog?? Geez where was this gig when I was working there?? LOL