Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving Companies That Disconnect and Reconnect Computers

Buehler Companies provides IN HOUSE staff for computer disconnect and reconnect services!Since most office relocations occur after normal business hours, our crew’s work nights and weekends at no additional cost. Our services are designed to assist your existing I.T department with the more time consuming task of disconnecting computers, printers, phones and faxes in preparation for our move team. Once at the destination, we reconnect all the equipment and test everything to make sure it is ready for your next business day.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated Project Manager will be with you from start to finish. A single point of contact that will be onsite for the day of the move to make sure we deliver on our promises.

Move Prep & Planning Meetings

The Project Manager can attend all of your move preparation meetings at no additional cost. The nice thing about working with Buehler is your move project manager and your desktop project managers are one in the same. We’ve moved thousands of times and can offer insight to the whole experience. Most importantly it gives us a good idea of your overall expectations, time tables and deadlines.

Our staff - Trained computer professionals

The crew’s that disconnect and reconnect the computers are all Buehler employees. We manage the whole process in house so the project manager has control over the move team and the computer team. The best in the business hands down. Many have certifications from Microsoft, Cisco amongst a host of others. You can rest assured that everything will be connected correctly. Our service professionals bring the additional man power and skill that your IT department may need to ensure the successful computer and office relocation with one team.

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