Friday, May 14, 2010

Million Dollar Move - Colorado Springs Moving Companies - Quality Moving Services

Buehler Companies in Colorado Springs (Manitou Express/Mountain View Moving)
Has set a new standard in moving! 11 million dollars worth of Indian artifacts, 28 crates of statues and bronze pieces including a 250 year old ceremonial buffalo hide out of a one of a kind compound, BootJack Ranch. This ranch is one of the finest and most beautiful recreation and fly fishing ranches in the country.

Approximately 13,825 square feet, four bedrooms, large great room, game room, two private offices, library, fitness room, 1,500 bottle wine cellar, mud room, oversized two car garage and seven fireplaces. The ranch is valued at $88 million dollars. It’s was on 3,100 acres of prime land with guest cabins and lodges, not to mention the 12,000 square foot spa and aquatic center.

Buehler Companies Manitou Express and Mountain View Moving in Colorado Springs not only moved all of this in 4 feet worth of snow, but they also managed to move all of the wine and major artifacts in climate controlled and properly managed the entire move without any problems. The plants, a very large terrarium and the buffalo hide make this one of the most valuable relocations.

BootJack Ranch hired the best movers for the job and was extremely happy with the move.

We would like to thank the crews, the staff and all of the hard work and coordination that Rob Vassar and his team have done to make this relocation a complete success. This is yet another fine example of how Buehler Companies is "the way the world is moving."
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Buehler Companies in Colorado Springs (Manitou Express/Mountain View Moving)
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