Monday, November 25, 2013

Moving LCD and Plasma Screen TV's - Hire The Right Moving Company To Do The Right Job

What’s the one thing that families normally have in their house that everyone uses? The television! Most of us have a great TV and it’s one of the items that we need to make sure that we handle properly. When relocating a LCD/Plasma Flat Panel, it’s good to ensure that you hire the right people for the job.

Flat panel (Plasma and LCD) televisions are really beginning to gain in popularity among consumers. They are valuable items and highly susceptible to damage when they aren’t handled correctly. Proper packaging is a top priority. When speaking with your moving company, please give as much detail as possible so that they can be sure to bring out the proper packing material to safely move your TV.

It’s also good to know how it should be done so that if these steps aren’t followed, then you know you haven’t hired the correct moving company for the job.
  • A thin foam wrap (dolphin wrap) is what should be used to protect the screen.
  • If the TV is less than 60 inches, then it should be crated if you are moving out of state.
  • Be sure that you use the appropriate approved container. Here is a list of what Buehler Companies recommends:
  • The original carton that the television was packaged in.
  • A wooden crate built by an approved certified company. You can discuss the details with your moving company who should be able to set this service up for you directly.
  • A hard sided case with foam lining built to move flat panel televisions.
  • Fiberboard cartons specifically designed for transporting flat panel televisions.
  •  If the TV is over 60 inches, then we recommend crating it.
  •  Make sure that you clearly mark on the packaging which end is to stay upright.

What we do not recommend is anyone moving the television with pads. Remember that Factory service dealers recommend that plasma TV’s are allowed to “set” for a couple of hours prior to being turned on. If you have any additional questions with regard to moving your TV, we would be glad to answer then for you.
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