Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quality Moving Companies, Moving Fortune 500 Companies, Households Across The Country and Much More

How do you know if you have chosen the right quality provider to service your move? Let’s talk about quality!
Leadership, Dedication and Experience

For well over 100 years people have chosen Buehler Companies (Agent for Mayflower and United Van Lines) to help guide them through the moving process. Choosing an experienced, reliable and dedicating moving company is extremely important. Buehler Companies has a recognized brand in the industry and has been a known leader.
We are proud to not only be reputable, but also know for our quality, safety and exceptional customer service. From the initial estimate for your move, packing, loading, final delivery and follow up, Buehler Companies has maintained a reputation of quality. We want your move to be a success as much as you do!
This is why we have committed ourselves to quality every step of the way! And we don’t just talk about quality, we guarantee it!
Our Commitment

Buehler Companies has established a quality service process that ensures that our customers will experience the best possible move every time.
Some of the measures that we take include:
-Assigning a professional sales manager to your individual move
-A free in home visual survey with a complete inventory break down
-A personal dedicated moving coordinator to handle the details of your move
-Introduction phone call
-Pre-Move day phone call
-Pre-Pack, Load and Delivery day phone calls
-Driver to call 24 hours before delivery to confirm
-Post Move day phone call
-Welcome Home Packet
-Customer Satisfaction Survey

If there is anything that we can do to better our quality, please let us know!

Buehler Companies (Denver Office)
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3899 Jackson Street
Denver, CO 80205
Denver Office Moving Website

Buehler Transfer and Storage (Fort Worth Office)
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633 Mony Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Fort Worth Texas Moving Office

Manitou Express – Mountain View Moving (Colorado Springs Office)
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2545 Carmel Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Colorado Springs Moving Company

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