Monday, January 20, 2014

Buy New Office Furniture or Move Your Used Office Furniture?

This morning I asked myself the question “What do our customers really want to know?” and I pondered this for a little while before I stopped Scott Luedke, the Vice President of Sales here at Buehler Companies as he was walking in the door.

I asked him the same question and he came back with an interesting answer. He said “With regard to office moving, most customers want to know if it is better to buy new furniture or move the old furniture and what is actually the most cost effective.”

That’s a good answer!

What is the better and most cost effective solution?

There are many different factors to answer this particular question actually.
It really depends on if you are downsizing your office or if you are moving into a bigger space. Every situation is different, so I will try to cover as much ground here as possible.

 Here are some things that may be useful to think about before you purchase new office furniture. Some of these considerations may even help you to ask the right questions to see if moving your office furniture is the best decision or not.

If you are down sizing, then most of the time it will likely save you money to move the furniture that you already have. You already own it and if the systems furniture  is older, then most installers and electricians are typically familiar with it so you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have it assembled.

It also depends on the space that you are moving into. Sometimes, you may not have enough room to assemble the stations in the same manner in which they currently are. We recommend that you accurately measure the space as well as all of the office furniture prior to moving anything.

  • Do a headcount – Make sure you know how many desks that you need to make.
  •  Talk with a professional. Some panels may connect universally and some may not. Be sure to speak with someone who knows prior to assuming everything will snap together like Lego’s.
  • Talk to the property manager at your new location to confirm if the cabling and data is already in the space or if you will have to have it installed. How the cable is ran may change your entire budget and may or may not work with how you want to configure your new offices.
  • Shop around – You may find some really high quality used office furniture at a real bargain price. The furniture may even possibly be better than what you currently have.
  • Consider your windows – This may sound strange, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t account for the windows in the new office space. I have seen many times where we moved in cubicles only for the overheads to cover up the window spaces and we had to come back out to reconfigure at a later time. All avoidable if window space is considered in the beginning.
  • Ask the property manager of your old building if they want to purchase the cubicles. Sometimes, the space you are moving out of is already nice and the space configuration of your current cubicles may entice the new tenant (if you don’t need the cubicles for your new space, that is. 
  • Know what you have and understand what you actually need. You may be able to sell what systems furniture that you do have and then use the money to buy what you actually need. If you are moving from a space that has workstations into a space that does not need them because they are hard wall offices, this may be the perfect solution for you. Some companies will not only buy the furniture, but will also uninstall it and remove it for you.

If you are a growing company and you are moving into a larger space then it may actually be a better idea to buy new furniture because it’s going to be hard to match what you already have.

One really good thing to think about is your individual employees. Some of your employees may use more power than others or run one or two individual printers, label makers, etc… These particular employees may need more power ran to their station as opposed to others.

Thinking about these things will not only help you to potentially save some money, but also help you to build a better work area at your new location.

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