Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taking the research out of Moving! Property Managers, Tenants and Consumers - Get A MoversFax!

Are you a property management company that gets bogged down with requests on who you think people should use for a moving company? We understand that you have enough to do.

You have a list of moving companies that are on your “preferred vendors list” and it’s pretty easy to give a client that list without thinking about the overall consequences of not doing your homework.

Have you asked yourself if that list is current? Are these really reputable moving companies to recommend?
This is an extremely important question if you are putting your name and the value of your word on the line.
The truth is that over 50 percent of property managers are recommending moving companies that not only have a bad reputation, but also hire unqualified temporary labor.

This cannot only make you look bad, but it can result in property damage, an upset tenant and even a bad reputation for you (The Property Management Company)

You don’t have a lot of time to do research and we understand that. It’s already hard enough to deal with the everyday madness of managing a property.

We found a useful site called MoversFax that does all the homework for you! This is a really great resource for your property management company. For as little as $5.00, you can pull a report and get all of the facts in one simple document.

I know that this will really help a lot of consumers to not only feel more comfortable with the moving company they have chosen, but it also just takes the headache out of everything.

Buehler Companies wants you to feel good about your choices and we want you to have the best advice to pass to your new and old tenants. We also want to earn your recommendation and your good word.
That’s important to us! As a reputable moving company, we also want to protect consumers from Moving Scams and teach them how to make informed decisions before they give their most precious items to just any mover.

Stuart Smith, the owner of Buehler Companies actually sat down with Tom Martino to talk about this important subject matter. You can check the video out here on YouTube here - Avoiding Moving Scams.
We recommend that everyone watch this video before choosing moving companies to even go into your office or home to provide a free moving quote. You don’t want to let these people into your house or office before you know the skinny on them!

There are so many resources available to all consumers. Not just property managers. We want to educate our customers to the benefits of getting a MoversFax (Just like a CarFax) and paying the five dollars just for piece of mind. That’s less than the cost of a fancy latte!

Here is also a great video on Hiring A Reputable Moving Company. It’s your tenants stuff, it’s your personal stuff, it is important so hire the right people to do the job!
For more information, here are some links that we feel may be useful to you.

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