Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Make Sure Your Moving Company Background Checks All Of Their Moving Crews - Don't Allow Just Anyone Into YOUR Home

I was browsing on our Google+ page like normal and I saw a post asking the question “Can a Moving Company reject a move?” and of course I clicked on it because I wanted to read what was said.

I found it interesting that the post went on about how Moving Companies hire temporary labor in the summer because there is so much volume. 

Well, that may be the case for some moving companies, but Mayflower and United Van Lines do not allow us to just hire just any moving labor. 

Our moving crews have to be certified and background checked at the highest standard in the industry.

I wanted to bring this up because clearly, you can’t always believe what you read on the internet. Please be cautious when you choose your Moving Company – Ask about their background check process. 

Make sure they have a policy or guidelines that they can provide to you about their labor. Educate yourself on who the moving company is allowing into YOUR home!

And to answer the question that brought this up, yes a moving company can reject a move if they cannot service the dates, requirements, etc… just like you can decide not to use a moving company. 

Of course, we try not to reject any moves, but I would personally rather reject the move than to provide less than stellar service.

Over and out, ~ Joy

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