Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hints and Tips For a Successful Move - We Strive To Make Your Move As Easy As Possible - The Way The World Is Moving

Moving a large home can be very stressful. There is a lot to do when packing, planning and going through all of your items to downsize. Here are some tips and hints that can help to make this process a lot smoother for your relocation.

Take a deep breath, it’s moving and you will get through it!

One room at a time – Start with the rooms that get the less use so that you don’t pack something you may actually need.

One box at a time! Give yourself plenty of time to organize. Now is the perfect time to start going through stuff and downsizing.

Start washing things! Curtains, rugs, table cloths, etc… You want everything to be clean when you move into your new home and you want to allow the washing machine to fully drain so it’s not heavy and full of water on your moving day.

Eat your perishable food! Don’t go shopping unless you need to because you can waste a ton of money on food that you can’t put into the moving van.

Clear out crawl spaces and don’t forget your attic!!! It’s pretty easy to forget that you have items in these places.

You can use your extra blankets and sheets to provide padding for fragile items.

Make a “Parts Box” for all of your cords, screws, nuts and bolts and remotes!! (you definitely do not want to lose these items during your move)

Write on the sides of cartons and not on the top so items can be easily located if you have cartons stacked.

Take all valuable and sentimental items and pack them separately and clearly mark these items so that you can move these items yourself. Make a checklist of these items so that you don’t forget anything that me be important or of extraordinary value.

Don’t remove your clothing from the hangers!!! Gather the hangers together and slip a trash bag over the clothing and tie it at the top. Then you can hang them into your new closet at destination, remove the bag and Whala! Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Mark all of your electronic cords before disconnecting to make it easier to reconnect everything when you move in.

Use red duct tape on cartons that you want to immediately open for items you will need right away. You would be amazed at how helpful this is!

Before moving out, place a coffee filter with some coffee into it in the fridge so that it will keep the fridge smelling clean for the new tenant.

Don’t forget to double check every room and cupboard one last time before you close the moving trucks. Make sure that you have all your garden ornaments and tools.

Drain your lawnmower of gas and oil prior to moving.

Clean your grill (especially if you are going into storage)

Pack books in smaller boxes and lighter things into larger boxes. This helps to make the moving process faster so that cartons aren’t too heavy.

Make sure to stop by the post office or print off the change of address form. We have a list of places to help you remember all the important people to contact to change your address with them. Check out our moving resources!

Make sure that if you are going into storage that you do not pack batteries, candles or anything else that can possibly melt or damage your items. Cleaning supplies and bleach could destroy items. Please don’t move these items in the moving truck.

We hope that some of these tips and hints help to make your move more efficient and smooth. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!
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