Thursday, December 26, 2013

Before you move, reduce the clutter, save money and don't pay to move items that you don't really need.

Let’s get rid of the clutter!

I was thinking this morning that it’s actually not an easy task to get rid of some of your items. Moving always gives us the motivation to get rid of things because no one wants to pay additional money to move items that they don’t need.

So this got me thinking… How can I help people to ease the task of getting rid of the extra’s that they don’t need. I may be a professional mover, but heck I need to follow my own advice! So I started to go through my own things and here are some hints and tips that I think might help you out too!

As I was going through things, I realized that I had an excuse for not throwing items away. Everything that I didn’t need I would happen to need one day so I need to keep it right? Wrong! After going through the torture for a couple of hours, I realized that I was going about this clean up business all wrong.

So I started to ask myself what I was doing wrong and it dawned on my that I was asking myself the wrong questions. Once I started asking myself the right questions, the clutter finally seemed to slowly start to go away.

Here’s how I recommend that you start. Ask yourself “Have I used this in the last year?” if the answer is No, then proceed to question number two “Is this item sentimental or can it really be replaced?” if you still feel like you need to keep the item, then ask yourself “Is this item worth paying additional money on my move to keep?” oh yeah! That question is the kicker.

Asking those simple questions make going through the clutter a breeze! Once I was done going through everything, then I decided that I am just going to go through it all again (Just to make sure) and lo and behold, I found more to get rid of!

At the end of it, not only did the entire house get cleaned and organized, but I reduced the amount of stuff we had by about 2,500 lbs on my move! That amount of stuff changed the estimate significantly from the moving company. Not to mention, that knowing what you actually have saves you a ton of money because you aren’t buying things that you don’t really need. It’s a win win situation!

I found this to be very helpful on my last move so I thought that I would share it. Hopefully it helps you with yours.

Happy Moving,

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