Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Moving Expensive Art? Use the right Moving Company!

If you have expensive art, you don’t want just anyone to pack it. Oil paintings can be extremely delicate and fragile and should be handled with great care. We typically recommend crating fine art especially if you are going across the country. It’s a lot less expensive to crate he valuable piece in most cases than it is to replace it in the event that it gets damaged.

When we were moving the museum, there were tons of pieces of artwork involved. Along with many artifacts and priceless heirlooms of the museum. Some of the items had to have special crates built for them because of the awkward shapes and sizes of them.

Make sure that you talk to your moving professional about crating where your art is concerned. Your moving company should take measurements and be qualified to properly build a custom crate if necessary.

Also, for specialty items like the giant hand blown glass sculpture that we had to move to New York, the crate may need to have foam on the inside to add additional protection so the piece wasn't sliding around in the crate.

Buehler Companies moved a table with crystal legs all the way to Texas with a value of over $100,000.00 and the custom crate was built to protect each of the legs individually. Foam had to be used of course and we didn't want anything to puncture the crate so it was made of solid wood. Once the table arrived in Texas, it was in perfect condition. We made the crate so that it had a point at the top to ensure that you could not stack anything on top of it.

Be sure to talk to your moving companies about crates and how they may be able to work for your art. If a moving company does not measure the items, then we don’t recommend using them on your move or to crate anything. It is essential that you really get a moving company that knows how to handle these type of items.

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