Monday, December 23, 2013

Moving Companies that handle hazardous material moves. Choose the moving company that knows how to ship hazardous items properly.

Handling Hazardous Material, Batteries and Electrolytes

There is an important thing to consider when you are moving items that are hazardous. Make sure that you choose the right company to move these types of items. If your moving company does not handle these types of items properly, then it can be disastrous.

Does your moving company have a contingency plan for hazardous materials? Are they licensed and certified? Remember that accidents begin where safety ends!

Safety is extremely important to us here at Buehler Companies, this is why we are going to break down our safety plan for you and for others.

Protecting human health and the environment is not only your moving companies duty, it’s their responsibility!

Here are some of the actions that need to be taken when you have a spill of these toxic materials:

  • Assess the scene and confirm that there are no injuries and that the immediate area is not at risk for potential danger.
  • Stop any discharge of flow of hazardous material immediately.
  • Contain materials by means of a dike, absorbent pillows and if no other material is available, make a small pit to minimize the speed of the material and prevent it from spreading. Do not endanger yourself or others while attempting to minimize the spill.
  • Your moving company should already have soda ash and the proper spill kit on the truck if they are a certified hazardous materials handling company.
  • All incidents should be reported immediately to the Service Center Manager and Safety Manager.
  • Keep all bystanders away from the scene and lay out caution tape to prevent people from getting near toxic materials.
  • If there are flammables and/or combustible type materials, keep all sources of ignition and flames away from the materials. Do not smoke near the spill area and stop bystanders from smoking.
  • The home office would have dispatched a clean up crew at this time. Only certified partners may clean up the toxic materials. Secure the scene until the clean up crew arrives to handle the items properly.

If you have an emergency spill that is out of control, please call 911 immediately.

Here at Buehler Companies, safety is our number one concern when handling hazardous materials moves! 

Please contact the right moving company to service this type of product. Contact Us Today!

Thank you for choosing Buehler Companies as your relocation partner!

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